Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Desired Articles in the History of Analytic Philosophy

  • Anscombe, G.E.M. 
  •  Austin, J.L. 
  •  Ayer, A.J. 
  • Bergman, Gustav 
  • Frank, Philip 
  • Feigl, Herbert 
  • Geach, Peter 
  • Gellner, Ernest 
  • Gödel, Kurt 
  • Goodman, Nelson 
  • Grice, Paul 
  • Historiography of Analytic Philosophy 
  • Hospers, John 
  • Kraft, Victor 
  • Mundle, W.C.K. 
  • Neurath, Otto 
  • Ramsey, F.P. 
  • Russell, Bertrand (overview)a) Political Thought 
  • b) Metaphilosophy 
  • c)Epistemology 
  • d)Logic
  • Ryle, Gilbert 
  • Schlick, Moritz 
  • Sellars, Wilfrid 
  • Strawson, P.F. 
  • Stebbing, L. Susan 
  • Waismann, Friedrich 
  • Whitehead, Alfred North
Because it provided analytic philosophy with its first definitive contrast, we have a special interest in supplementing IEP’s History of Analytic Philosophy section with articles on British Idealism and its proponents. Desired articles in this area include:
  • British Idealism (overview) 
  • Green, T.H. 
  • McTaggart, J.M.E. 
  • Muirhead, J.H.
If you are interested in contributing one of these articles, please contact Sean Morris, IEP Area Editor for History of Analytic Philosophy, Asst. Professor, Philosophy, MSU Denver: